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[QUOTE=IamIan;464447]I did .. and .. there is/has been a ... "*&$$%^^ Tesla at that yard"

CarFax of the Tesla Model S in question.
Pdf Link

They said the car itself only had about ~10,000 miles on it before the accident.

They already sold the battery (shipped to customer in Europe).

They do still have the "electric drive" asking $15,000 .. They said they will be sending pictures .. Will forward when I get them.[/QUOTE

Untill you did that we were made believe it was fake based on some people being negative.

So everyone who said its not there..... Where you at????????????????

Next time have some proof before you make yourself look stupid in public.

And Not recommending a car because its salvage is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than buying salvage parts for a DIY project. And i never mentioned being against a prius because it was salvage... I recommended an insight that was salvage. I think you need to read the thread again.....

At the end of the day there is a tesla!!

I wonder if they have those ram implosion wings. LOL im so funny.