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Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
Generally speaking from 40 years experience.

Salvage yards pay much more than $500 for cars, but it depends on what is damaged.
Most popular is the front end, then the rear end, the sides are most common in yards.
A car as new as a Tesla will not bring much until the warranty expires. After ten years age a lot of yards crush the cars or sell them to crushers for scrap value.

This is based on hundreds of trips to salvage auctions and buying close to 200 cars.

These days many get shipped overseas.

Rebuilders face inreasing legislation and taxes and fees. Va DOT requires an inspection and recently increased the charge from $25 to $125. The inspection takes about 7 minutes and you can't get a title without that inspection.

Even though the rebuilds sell for about 75% of non damaged cars, the state and county property taxes are not reduced, even with the state passing a law that allows owners to sue insurance companies for "diminished value", something the insurance companies will fight with a vengance sine they don't want to pay that on every repaired car.

In some cases salvage yards make arrangements with insurance companies and pay a fixed percentage of the "actual cash value".

I don't see any links to the yard in question and even after 3 pages on this thread I don't know what they may have or not have. In general recycled parts bring about 50% of the retail "new" part replacement price.

Maybe a link would resolve the issue of whether the search engine includes every car made, or whether the yard actually has a Tesla. The bickering and name calling seems to be very counter productive and I find Frank Lee to be right almost exclusively.

synergy, we have been (you and i) offering counterpoints on another thread concerning a person who is in trouble with a leased altima. In that thread you made a comment about another member, I think redpoint, who bought a salvage repaired plug in prius. Your comment was that it was crazy to buy such a vehicle, then you post about salvage parts in this thread.

Does that mean crash car parts are fine but repaired crashed cars are a stupid purchase.

Food for thought.

I've had good experiences with the 200 I bought and repaired and the last one I bought repaired by a family owned shop, people I have known for 25 years, was warrantied for 90 days. Only warranty work they did on that car was to plug in the switch that changed the color of the inside ambient lighting and that was a factory defect.


And mech sorry but this tesla sold for 20-30k no doubt in auction....not 500. Your crazy. I could see a new p85d selling for 50-60k salvage...

That guy said they are asking 15k on the motor... he prob got 20k for the batteries. There is NOWHERE on earth to get those parts at this point. supply and demand