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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
...For now it appears the best use for most of the bio gas is just to burn it on site, in a boiler or in a power generation prime mover.
This is definitely the best option.
Using it to power a generator and possibly feeding it into the grid avoids a lot of waste.
The fuel doesn't need to be transported away from where it is created.
It doesn't need energy expended to purify it.
It may not need to be compressed, saving more energy.
The energy generated can displace energy from a dirtier source, coal for example.
Methane is a more harmful gas to the environment than CO2, by collecting and burning the methane, pollution is reduced.
The solid waste from the process can be used as fertilizer.
The process scales well, from a small residential size set up through to a massive commercial landfill site.
If able to feed into the grid it becomes a new source of income from a previously wasted resource.
Complexity and cost are low allowing the process to be used in developing countries.
The gas can be used to fuel a generator but it can also be used for building heating, cooking, water heating, etc.

I am sure there are other benefits to a stationary set up but those are the first ones that come to mind.
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