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also, not sure if I posted this, but mhw has some stock in csc cores, i.e. they have 26 of these:
CS1625026E - Sendust - Powder Cores | MH&W Direct , the csc cores seem to be what that excel spreadsheet is targeting. They have a search tool so cross referencing the csc catalog is helpful once you understand the part number system.

I got some CS740125s from them after much back and fourth (wish I would have gotten CS740060), but will probably be suitable for a few kw charger, just deciding if I want multiple 16 or 26 gauge magnet wire "in hand". Price per lb is about the same, and 26 will conform easier, though I'm sure it has other compromises.

they have other cores, only looked at csc so far:

edit, looks like emw has their 70 amp pfc inductor back in stock, air flow needed (a shroud to force the air next to the windings inside and out could be useful). This looks like a comparable inductor from csc (X2): , so not a bad deal from emw there, not sure if the windings are right, but can play with it in the spreadsheet for comparison.

Edit, didn't mean to interrupt a switching discussion, that needs to happen.

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