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If your trip or long term MPG avgs are off, tweak the multiplier under settings in 1/10ths and 1/100ths. Its a trial and error game for a few refills to get as accurate as you want.

My Taurus is pretty spot on for MPG, my Town and Country was off horrendously by nearly 10 MPG. the van is rated for 26 MPG @ Hwy. Torque Pro was initially showing 16 at best... Trial and error several adjustments from baseline of 1.0 trim, my 3.3L is now fairly close to accurate with an adj of 1.48 trim running roughly 24 MPG winter blend at 55 MPH.

btw, my ELM327 device is the OBDLink MX for reference cause Chrysler and Ford have their own special something or other that the cheaper devices could not read all codes or so the many pages I read said...... sigh

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