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I have some good news and some bad news...

Bad news first. Double checked my tire pressures the other day and found out one of my tires wasn't holding pressure. I filled them all up to 45 psi when I first got the HX wheels but now one of them was all the way down to 20 psi .

Found this to most likely be the culprit. A small dent on the inside edge of the wheel. Hopefully I can get it straightened for a decent price or find someone willing to sell just one HX wheel.

So after finding the dent I decided to clean up and run my factory VX wheels for the time being. The tires aren't in great shape but they should hold up for a little while. Here's them on the car. I think they look pretty good! I still prefer the HX's though...

Ok so now for the good news! Got some cool stuff done on the car over the past few days.

Painted the exhaust heat shield flat black, and the valve cover with a wrinkle black paint. Along with replacing the valve cover gasket which was leaking.

My brother and I also started on a little project, but we're not finished with it yet. Here's a little teaser ...

Last but not least, I finally converted it to lean burn! I've been sitting on all of the parts for awhile now and even made the harness over a month ago, but for some reason I didn't convert it until now. Man I'm glad I did though. Lean burn is friggin awesome!

Here's the LAF sensor installed..

My harness spliced in at the o2 sensor and at the passenger side shock tower..

and the ground point...

Like I already said, lean burn is awesome, but lean burn plus MPGuino is even better! The MPGuino really lets you take advantage of lean burn just by letting you know when you go in and out of it.

Here was where my trip average was last night coming home from my brothers house.

Then this happened... Freeway was narrowed down to one lane for construction at 9:30 at night .

Still, I made it home with my trip average being 57.6 mpg which is the highest I've had to date for that long of a commute (about 65 miles). Plus I was hitting some crazy bad head winds toward the end of the trip.

That's about it for now. Gonna try to work on our "little project" some more next week and possibly get some other stuff done. I keep you guys updated!
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