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Thanks for the reply. I read The 1986 Bosch handbook which says best BSFC is experienced at 1.1 lambda with PFI engines. The 2011 edition says "1.2 - 1.5" (PFI) and "up to 4.0" (DI)!

I'm not sure where I can find a road like that. Its quite hilly here. I have added about 10* of timing and set my lambda 1 to 16.7 AFR to start with.

I run this lean between 2000-3000 RPM under cruising conditions (0.3-0.6 g/rev VE) so long as in low valve lift mode. Here are the change

I will be testing this tomorrow. Oh by the way these are the non egr timings. I will do EGR after leanburn. I think the EGR will also protect the catalyst by cooling the intake charge and hence exhaust. Not sure how much hotter this AFR runs.
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