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Paul, mine is still going. I use it heaps.
I do wish the cables were slightly longer at times. But that is because i work far to one side of the unit rather than in front of it.

Is it just the hot air part that has stopped or is it the whole unit?

Did you get the one with the air from the main unit or the air from a fan in the heat wand?

Mine came with what i believe to be a replacement hot air ceramic element. When i saw that i thought oh oh, if they supply a spare one then it must fail easily but no problems so far.

The soldering iron works well, heats quickly and holds its temperature quite well. I haven't soldered much really heavy stuff, just wires and SMD stuff.

The heat gun is usually set to 300 C and the soldering iron 250 C. Heat gun air flow at 50%.

I haven't tried either of them at full temperature.

I haven't noticed any flickering of the lights in the house. My house has all LED lighting so maybe they cope better. I did notice that the display on my LED monitor for my computer blanks for a second when i initially plug in the reflow station. They are plugged into the same wall outlet. I assume the reflow station has some sort of uncontrolled inrush to charge the capacitor(s). So the equivalent of short circuit for a fraction of a second. After that there is no issues.

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