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2. Econ mode. The car is only in 4 cyl mode and the electric motor only engages when the gas engine reaches 1900 rpm. This would be kinda tricky, but if I could limit the gas engine to 2000 rpm, and have only the electric engine respond to any further throttle, that would be amazing. I might have to set up something on the physical gas pedal for that. Basically, the electric engine will just help accelerate the car and leave the gas engine to cruise.
I confuse easily.

What you describe is a 'through-the-road' hybrid. I have no comment on the front half, but for background you might review the 5 years of [semi-weekly] back episodes at EVTV Motor Verks - Electric Car Conversion Videos.

Also look at That is about Toyota Synergy Drive parts. The Toyota Highlander and Lexus LX400h have a subframe and motor-generator in the back, supplementing a V-6 and 2ea MGR in the front. It uses high-voltage AC, so you get the regen; and a buried magnet rotor that does some engineering magic to reduce back-EMF at higher RPMs.

My effort has stalled out temporarily, but I have the MGR and subframe. I hope to use The Lear 2.3kW charger from a Chevy Volt or Smart EV. Power inverter and batteries to be determined.

OEM junkyard parts are the way to go—I paid $650 for the MGR and the charger goes for about $400. The parts are there but nobody knows what to do with them. Smart, and probably Tesla, won't be any help—they actively thwart reuse of their components.
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