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Originally Posted by arcosine View Post
2000 Honda Insight, 5-speed manual, 162,000 miles, silver. VIN: jhmze137xyt000801.


I bought a TDI Beetle, so the Insight is going. 1/23/1015. I havent driven it since November. More pictures soon.

Description from November post:
I rarely drive it, once every two months, not enough to keep the battery charged. I cycle to work and back. AMA light was on, but need to charge and drive it. I Got a grid charger last month. It passed emission testing a few weeks ago. Battery was replaced by Honda at around 100k. Clutch was replaced last year, but the guy didn't do a good job and it chatters now. Both drive shafts replaced. Tires are good except the rear left has a flat spot, My wife left the parking brake on and it froze, I tried to drive it and it skidded down the drive way.. Has a small crack in the windshield behind the rear view mirror, not noticeable. (too aggressive in removing a foot of snow last winter). EGR passages need to be cleaned out. I have a belly pan for it, not currently mounted. I had it on Cregs list but got too many crazies replying. It has only let me down twice, once the front axle snapped in the hospital parking lot driving my wife home from surgery and two, my wife was driving son home from college and in the middle of nowhere and everything went dead on the interstate, battery was dead and all it needed was a jump start and was fine after that. Ground wires have been replaced. All in all its a small fragile car and parts are hard to find, the AMA is another maintenance item, it does get amazing gas mileage though. It handles like a go cart, fine on the freeway, but no cruse control. A little weak if there is a strong head wind going up a viaduct. More drivers tend to cut and turn in front of the small car. If I drive it, I have the headlights on. I am not bent on selling it, don't want to go through the hassles of showing it, but it's just sitting in the driveway.

The belly pan is currently off the car.:

The tail box is just placed for the picture, it fits my Saturn.

What do you mean it is fragile? I am interested in buying and I obviously trust you from this forum.

Are you saying you don't charge the batterY?

I am not very mechanical, do you think I should be purchasing this?

Why is there a flat spot?

The front axel snapping sounds serious?

I am a serious buyer. Thank you for your help.

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