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Can you guys recommend some powerful electric motors for me to look at? I may be able to do this sooner than I thought. If i am going to do this, I want to do it big, so a little 138HP motor is not going to be worth it, especially if that engine is $4000. Once I get the electric engine working, then I will begin mods on the gas engine to get that engine to be more powerful as well. There is the possibility of having 2 electric motors working together in the back as well. Basically, I want the back motor(s) to at least match the power of the front engine, but hopefully actually be higher.

As far as tesla not letting people re-use their stuff, I'm sure that there will be a way to isolate JUST the electric motor and get it to work myself. I already do stuff like that in lab classes, although not nearly as large and complicated as a 400HP electric car motor. Hopefully it isn't that complicated though. Tesla releasing all their patents makes me hopeful that they aren't the kind of company to go out of their way to stop the re-use of their equipment, but business is business I guess. No matter how nice they are, they still want to make some money as well.
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