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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I confuse easily.
Sorry. I probably didn't explain clearly. The car already has a system which allows for 4 of the cylinders to be shut down, making it go from a V8 to a V4(or inline 4?). My goal for econ mode is to have the car stay in 4 cyl mode constantly, and then use the electric motor to help the small 4 cylinder engine accelerate the car without straining too much. Then, the electric engine will turn off. I don't want the 4-cyl engine to have to work too hard, so I want to create a way for the electric motor to automatically kick in when the gas motor approaches a certain RPM. Then, somehow, get the gas motor not to exceed that RPM and have the electric motor use more power if I continue to push the gas, basically giving me more power without increasing the RPM of the gas engine.

Here's a model of it in my head.
The car Idles at 800 RPM, so, once the engine goes down to 1000 RPM or lower, the electric motor turns on and prepares to accelerate.
I hit the gas to accelerate.
Both engines work to accelerate the car.
Once the gas engine reaches 2000 RPM, it stops increasing in RPM, but the electric motor keeps applying power.
Once I'm at cruising speed, the electric motor turns off and stays off until the RPMs of the gas engine either fall below 1000, or try to exceed 2000. So, basically, the electric motor will only help accelerate the car. Econ mode will obviously accelerate and react pretty slowly, but that's fine, because when I am "mentally" in econ mode, I drive like a grandma anyway.

Another great way to do it would be to simply use the car's built in method for kicking the V8 engine back on to trigger the electric motor instead. Anytime the car would normally want to engage the V8, it will engage the back engine instead.

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
What you describe is a 'through-the-road' hybrid.
Wow. That is actually very helpful, because that is pretty much exactly what I want. I cant believe I didn't think to load the back wheels themselves during cruise instead of the front engine. That makes things even easier!
I can't do it today, but I'll definitely check out all those links you gave. I glossed over them really quickly and they seem to be very helpful.
Thanks a lot!

EDIT: I really like your username and picture! LOL

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