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Sounds like PR BS to me. GM is desperate for some good news to move up its stock price. What exactly do they need to "integrate"? You plug in the car like any appliance and let it charge over night. Build in a timer into the car if you want it to charge at off peak hours. Next we're going to hear that the toaster oven industry is teaming up with utilities in order to integrate toasters to the power grid. Give me a break.

Heres the facts. GM will run out of money before the Volt hits the market in 2010. Their credit rating is toast, they are burning through cash much faster than they can earn it and whats left GM will or chopped up and sold before 2010. Even the $15b plan they announced last week isn't enough to see the company through the end of 09. The stock is trading below book value.

Theres no doubt in my mind that the Volt will make it to market but by that time the Chevrolet brand will probably be owned by Volkswagen or Nissan/Renault. Both companies have cash on the books and are looking to increase their US market share.

This is a model of the Production Volt. Its built on the Chevy Cruze platform (AKA the Cobalt replacement)

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