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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Did anyone's hot air soldering tool from China last longer than 8 hours of use? That's how long my lasted. haha. And when it held temperature, the whole house lights flickered. I think it had a power factor of 0.

Probably thyristor regulation. These guys don't care anything about line noise. Mine has some problem with the air pump, but I never bothered fixing it.

Originally Posted by e*clipse View Post
That's very interesting. Would you mind sharing the part numbers for the two diodes? This is mostly due to increased conduction losses?

I'm in the middle of designing the power stage of this inverter for using SiC switches (both mosfets & diodes), and this looks like some good "sanity check" type experience.

Thanks a bunch,

Yes. I also tested on a high voltage buck converter.

The sic diode is a CREE SCD1060. Si diode's RHRP0860 & 1560. I believe these are more suitable for very high frequency power supplies in the MHz range, or where no load efficiency is of importance.


I haven't tried with SiC mosfets as well, but I did try with an IGBT without freewheeling diode for the buck converter, to take the body diode losses out of the equation.

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