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Great project! And I can relate on the MADD... Mechanical Attention Deficit Disorder. I ran into a guy with a Mercedes emblem on the nose of his '53 Ford. On the back, he had the TURBODIESEL emblem just like on my 300SD. Sure enough, he had put the 3.0 5 cylinder in there. As I recall, he gets about 26 or 28mpg.

By the way, my '02 F-250 7.3PSD has 338,000 miles and most of them running various styles of veg oil: heated WVO, biodiesel and veg oil blends. The best mileage I ever saw was 367 miles to a gallon of diesel. That was running a two tank setup, starting and ending the day on diesel. Of course, that doesn't take into account the free veggie burned!

I did a test a few years ago. 1000 mile trip on diesel and 1000 mile trip on WVO. MPG: diesel 20.2, WVO 19.7.
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