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I guess you could say I'm a little lost..

The problem here is the motor/controller requires the high voltage.

Whether the cells are connected is series or parallel, theoretically they will store the same energy. This company may have figured out a slick way to manage the batteries, but it still won't get past the EE 101 fact that a whole bunch of batteries connected in parallel will still put out the same voltage as 1 battery.

So, you could have 100 lithium batteries in this system, and the output voltage would be about 3.85 volts.

No matter how good the management system is, you will still need to do something to produce the voltage ( 600V or whatever ) that the motor and controller require.

I'm curious how they got around this issue - I can't find any info about that on their site.

- E*clipse

Oh, I'm just thinking (maybe not to well) out loud here, but would it be possible to build a 3 phase boost converter to both boost the voltage and control the motor, rather than than boosting the DC to a high voltage, then using a 3 phase buck converter to control the motor??

Originally Posted by On The Run View Post
Hello there,

finally managed to catch up on the thread.

Today I'll stick my head out of the lurkers trenches for two reasons:

First I'd like to pay my respect to the fantastic work going on here.

Second: The solution to the voltage issue without putting tons of batteries in series and having to build a seriously beefy buck booster or whatever could be here:

w w

Due to the rules, you'll just have to eliminate the spaces between the w's

I was already working on a translation for you guys, but then I found the company already had an english press release which saved me the pain.

Looking forward to what you make of it.


On the Run.
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