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Serial Port Drop-Out

Hey Guys -- I've been running my Open ReVolt for quite some time now and have got just over 5400 miles on it. Its a 144 volt system with a FB1-4001 in a 1994 Ford Ranger with (fully functional clutch) manual transmission.

The problem I've been experiencing is as soon as I apply throttle the serial port drops out and I have to either unplug my serial to USB converter or close and reopen the connection (I'm using hyper terminal).

Initially I had the serial to USB converter located right next to the motor controller inside the water resistant enclosure and ran a USB cable inside the cab. I thought maybe the USB to serial converter didn't like sitting right next to the controller so tonight I built a serial extension cable (Its a twisted pair + ground wire) and brought the USB to serial converter inside the truck. This didn't really help even a little bit. The converter is a prolific Serial to USB converter.

Any ideas on what I'm missing here? Thanks!

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