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Originally Posted by P-hack View Post
Well a conversion can cost a lot also, have you looked at how long your commute is and speeds, and figured out how much battery you would need? And how much motor/controller you need? It is tempting to rely on a generator but you have to have an EV to attach it too, and have determined the energy requirements before you can sort out how/if to augment the main pack.
The EV will be my daily commute vehicle and the battery pack will be sized to deal with that daily trip plus some local trips to the supermarket, etc.

Adding another say 50% to the battery pack size for just that one long trip each month would mean i would be carrying around that extra weight every day and not getting any benefit from it.
I could look at making the extra battery pack capacity removable but the size, weight and cost of that extra battery capacity would be quite high compared to a small generator.

I have to register and insure the EV but if the generator can increase my range enough to deal with my long trip then it saves me at least $757 dollars a year as i don't have to pay the registration and insurance on a second car (not to mention the maintenance) that would only be driven 12 times a year. Also the EV gets a $100 dollar discount on it's registration for being eco friendly.

Then if later on a charging station opens up near the mid point of my trip then the EV would be able to make the trip without assistance. And i would only be left with a useful generator rather than a surplus and costly second car.

The generator would only be an interim solution until the charging network improved and it would save me having an extra, seldom used ICE vehicle.
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