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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
...The first problem to tackle is having an over-ride mode that allows the car to charge and drive at the same time.
With the car being a conversion rather than a factory electric such a mod would be fairly straight forward. I imagine the lockout on driving whilst charging is to prevent somebody driving off when the charger is still plugged in.
Even if i can't charge whilst driving and have to plan on a one hour rest and recharge around the mid point of the trip that could be done.

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
...I'd like to see batteries become more modular so that individual banks can be added/removed from a car, and added/removed to a motorcycle, lawn mower, leaf blower, chain saw, etc. The cost of ownership of all these items would be greatly reduced if the same power source could be utilized...
It is annoying to have each device have its own unique battery pack configuration.
If there was some standardisation then the number of battery packs i would need would be greatly reduced as i don't run every device simultaneously. Also when a device fails (as they tend to do) the battery pack could be salvaged and re-purposed to another device.
I have seen that a few of the power tool manufacturers have released power tool ranges that share the same battery. Still quite expensive. Also they seem to be compromising on capacity. Picking an average capacity that leaves the more power hungry power tools lacking performance. The more power hungry tools really need to have provision for two standard battery packs. Then the average sized battery pack would make sense.
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