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Originally Posted by P-hack View Post
...How many miles are we talking about here, commute vs once/month?
Simple answer.
35.4 miles versus 54.7 miles.
So an increase in range of 54% is required.

More involved answer.
There are two different routes i can take in my commute.
Route 1 is a 57km (35.4 miles) round trip at 60mph.
Route 2 is a 42km (26 miles) round trip at an average speed of 30mph.
Route1 is via a freeway so almost the entire trip at freeway speeds with only 6 sets of traffic lights. However the wind resistance will be quite high and it has tolls so an extra $10 per day.
Route2 is a shorter distance and at lower speeds however it has 34 sets of traffic lights. So significantly less wind resistance but more stop and go. My drive system will have regen so i will win back a small amount of the stop go energy.

I gave the round trip figures for the commute as i have not secured any sort of charging at work so i have to do the round trip on a single charge. Whereas the once a month trip has charging available at the destination.

The once a month trip is 88km (54.7 miles) one way all at freeway speeds.

If i can secure charging at work then i will be using a 6kWh battery pack and no hope of doing the once a month long trip even with generator assistance. If i can't charge at work then it will be a 12kWh pack which makes the long trip feasible with generator assistance.

So my build is a 6kWh battery pack with provision to add another 6kWh.

It's never simple is it.
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