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Originally Posted by P-hack View Post
You'd be better off with an econobox 5 speed and good technique. The plug in prius 4.4kwh battery is only good for 11 epa miles, and it is well engineered.
The Prius is nearly 400kg heavier than my vehicle.
I would also imagine a hybrid vehicle would have many compromises in it's design to allow for the dual power systems.

Originally Posted by P-hack View Post
I don't think your commute is a good fit for a budget "ev", and you will get crummy hybrid efficiency if you don't know exactly what you are doing.
Even the most efficient gas guzzler still guzzles gas.
Electricity is cheaper and can be cleaner. Some of the electricity will come from my solar panels so cheaper still.
I am quite hopeful of my EV being able to cope with my daily commute.
Worst case scenario is it will require further expansion of the battery pack.
There are few problems in the world that can't be solved by throwing large sums of money at it.
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