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Hi from Kokomo, IN

I've been researching the net to get a better mpg car to do deliveries with and after having no luck with XFI Geos I am going to Columbus OH tomorrow to pick up a 96 Geo Metro 3 cyl. I drag race and have found on most of my cars that if I get more power out of them they will get better economy. I sell 79-08 Mustang rims and currecntly use a 05 Neon SRT4 as a delivery truck. Bone stock (2.4 turbo with 230 hp) it got 27 mpg on reg, 31 on premium, and now that its modified up to 285 hp it gets 32.8! For you gear heads out the the SRT4 ran 13.8s at over 101 mph stock and now is dipping into the high 12 second range in the 1/4 mile. I put 19,000 miles on it sine Feb 13 and the last two months I spent $826 in gas...THIS is where the Geo is needed. I had been using a 98 Neon 2.0 5 speed that was rated at 41 and got it. After mods to get that car up to 180 hp I was getting 43...46 if I would coast up to slower speed limits or intersections with the motor shut off. For you gear heads out there this car would run 12.17 at 117 mph with a 125 hp shot of nitrous, 14.8s on just motor. My first steps will to make sure every thing is in proper working order, then air up the tires, then wt reduction....both of the Neons had the passenger seat removed so that I could deliver 8 rims with tires inside and 4 rims in the trunk. I am sure that I can get enough room out off gutting the Geo interior a bit to get in one is rare for me to deliver two sets at once unless the are near each other. I also have my 2 year old sons baby seat. I am thinking of pulling out the bench seat and putting in an extra front seat in the back.

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