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Disregard, got it compiling! XC16, had to fix some of the include statements (some case issues on ubuntu and ACController.h -> ACInductionController.h, but no biggie. My first (and perhaps last) microchip project

Program Memory  [Origin = 0x100, Length = 0x7f00]

section                    address   length (PC units)   length (bytes) (dec)
-------                    -------   -----------------   --------------------
.text                        0x100               0x170           0x228  (552)
.const                       0x270               0xff0          0x17e8  (6120)
.text                       0x1260              0x1a60          0x2790  (10128)
.dinit                      0x2cc0               0x174           0x22e  (558)

                     Total program memory used (bytes):         0x43ce  (17358) 35%

Data Memory  [Origin = 0x800, Length = 0x800]

section                    address      alignment gaps    total length  (dec)
-------                    -------      --------------    -------------------
.ndata                       0x800                   0           0x1ac  (428)
.nbss                        0x9ac                   0           0x188  (392)
.ndata                       0xb34                   0            0x58  (88)
.nbss                        0xb8c                   0            0x40  (64)

                        Total data memory used (bytes):          0x3cc  (972) 47%

Dynamic Memory Usage

region                     address                      maximum length  (dec)
------                     -------                      ---------------------
heap                             0                                   0  (0)
stack                        0xbcc                               0x434  (1076)

                        Maximum dynamic memory (bytes):          0x434  (1076)

download 300+ meg of mplab, 70 meg of xc16, create a new project for the dsPIC30F4011, add the files from the git repo (I just did induction motor), read compile errors and fix.

p.s., thank you again!

p.p.s. Nice job on the gate drivers, like $15 per gate in raw parts with desat and enough power for 600A igbt's at 10khz it seems. And a cute little attiny

p.p.p.s. Did I say thank you?

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