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LOL p-hack. I made the fix that p-hack mentioned with the wrong name for the include files, and then added the files for the permanent magnet AC (brushless DC).

So, generically, its a power inverter? In a block diagram would it stand alone, separate from things like the charge controller, battery murdering system, tachometer, etc.?
Yes. Although, you could add a few of those things with the left over pins.

I just got the board last night from e-clipse!! Beautiful work! I need to buy an "MGR" thing. I bet somewhere in Phoenix has one. I just forgot what they were called (as far as the junk yard is concerned). I'm going to go look for the name in the "MGR" thread.

I can do the code modification for e-clipse's resolver board no problem. I can't wait to test it.
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