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Glad you like it.

Regarding the motor - the Prius, Camry, and Highlanders use a very similar motor with the same encoder. It may be easier & cheaper to locate a Prius.

I'd be happy to loan you the one I just got - I'm just trying to figure out what to do about shipping costs. Oh, I forgot to mention I just got another one and the seller messed up and sent it to me for free. Ummmm OK. . . . I need to share the universe's love on this one . . .

How 'bout this - I'll send you the one I just got, I'll cover shipping. Sometime in the future I can get something similar back - OK? If you like the thing and put it in some car - great! In other words, time is flexible and I don't need that specific one...

On the other hand, there may be one in your area - I did look previously... They would be really easy to remove from a vehicle if you found a Highlander Hybrid in your area. Let me know - I'd be happy to help.



P.S. Phack - you got your PIC stuff loaded under Linux?? That's really cool! I'd love to learn how.

Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
LOL p-hack. I made the fix that p-hack mentioned with the wrong name for the include files, and then added the files for the permanent magnet AC (brushless DC).

Yes. Although, you could add a few of those things with the left over pins.

I just got the board last night from e-clipse!! Beautiful work! I need to buy an "MGR" thing. I bet somewhere in Phoenix has one. I just forgot what they were called (as far as the junk yard is concerned). I'm going to go look for the name in the "MGR" thread.

I can do the code modification for e-clipse's resolver board no problem. I can't wait to test it.
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