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Originally Posted by sonicsqwirl
uh... slower acceleration (probly the hardest one)...
keeping under 70 on the highway...
using more "engine breaking" then the actual break pedal(its a 5spd stick)...
also coasting more then braking...
using nuetral to roll down hills... etc etc

i JUST started with fuel consumption today... i know its not BAD (low 20s probly)...
looked for scan gauge but i couldn't find where to purchase one...

believe it or not... this is my commuter car i drive approx 40miles highway round trip... aside from that it sits in the driveway.

You wouldn't need to do that much slower acceleration. Engines are most efficient at about 75% throttle, so just be sure to shift into the next gear before you hit 3000 rpm (preferably 2500 rpm) to get the best mileage while accelerating.

With their high power to weight ratios, musclecars tend to to have a higher most efficient speed range (typically around 60-65mph) than that of lower powered cars. This is because their engines are just loafing at the 40-45mph where lower powered cars are most efficient. But as they start going faster, the engine is getting more efficient as it starts seeing more load, so the mileage improves until it reaches the speed where the rate of increase in aero drag is greater then the rate of increase in motor efficiency with increasing load. So if you can drop your Cd, you can shift your car's most efficient speed range into a higher speed range than where it currently sits.
question, Basjoos. my vehicle has a different power band than most vehicles (the legendary powerband of the AMC 4.0L I6). It's a low rev vehicle with a red line of about 5000RPM and it's power band is much like that of a diesel. Really low red line, but torquey at low RPM. It does about 1500RPM at 55 and its peak torque is at about 3000ish. Is there a way to find out if I should accelerate slow or not, or a website that has tests done to see if accelerating slower or faster is better on gas? It's drive train consists of a 4speed slush box with overdrive.

Yea.. I drive a Jeep and I'm on a fuel economy site, but you just wouldn't understand... "It's a Jeep thing!" *Jeep Wave*

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