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If you can clear the 3.5k over the owed amount, then you are basically choosing a fairly new reliable car or an older more potential maintenance intensive car.

You're also stopping the act of renting some other persons money.

My $300 Sentra, at $1k now with all maintenance current, new tires and struts is down to 14 cents a mile after 7.3k miles and dropping steadily. Anamazingly reliable car so far but it could crap out any day, at least beyond the point where I would fix it, maybe. Fuel cost is 5.7 cents a mile.

If you are willing to go through the used car and get it up to snuff, then consider a muich cheaper car like a 97-01 sentra and you would have some money left over, in the car maintenance fund. Hondas need timing belts and valve adjustments, Sentras don't.

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