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Another Ethanol Free gas thread where is the 93 octane anymore?

With a volt I am stuck buying gas that costs about $0.50-$0.75 a gallon more but I am aware of various sources stating the volt quits pulling timing around 96 octane.

Back in the good old days I could actually buy 96+ octane unleaded NON-OXYGENATED (all gas is oxygenated regardless of if it is ethanol free) gas at a couple of local pumps.

I can't find that stuff anywhere but did find LEADED 110 Octane fuel, useless.

So I am setting my sites lower, DO ANY WISCONSIN STATIONS SELL REAL 93 OCTANE?

I can only find it in 10% variety and oddly a wash or cheaper than 91 octane.

I did find 92 octane at one walmart but it doesn't state anything about may contain up to 10% ethanol but likewise doesn't say it doesn't either.

Any ideas? Folks are saying my low volt gas MPG is because I run 90ish octane with 10% eth, I want to run a few tests but can't find any stations selling real Super Premium.

Odd goes mid grade -> Super Premium 91 (odd that used to just be premium, super was 93)


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