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I for one wouldn't buy that hx you posted. When there is a massive repair/maintenance job like that engine replacement, you have no assurance of how well it was done or if they're even telling the truth about the engine. People, even professionals often make mistakes. Stripped threads, wrong clearances, wrong torque values, using cheap parts, basically the whole 9.

But I'm all for beaters! Like the youtube show Roadkill (amazing show, check it out if you haven't seen it) I flock to beaters. If you're into saving money and not maximum mpg, that's where it's at. People will sell running cars for sometimes as much or less than scrap value. Then you drive for free. I paid $220 for my 1998 neon in 2007, it had 115k miles and a bad automatic transmission. It also was modified. I sold off the wheels, lowering springs, and cold air intake to end up with a free car. I then swapped in a five speed for under $100 thanks to a popular junkyard chain and it ran great! Over the years I have put more money into it, but nothing crazy. I even did the timing belt and water pump for $40 thanks to an ebay deal. It was a Pittsburgh car, I did the fuel line, evap line, and all brake lines with new fluid for $30 including one man bleeders. Rust free lines for under $2/ea at the junkyard.
Including replacing the seats, interior panels, major maintenance stuff but excluding oil/gas/taxes/tires I have less than $500 into the car. Over 8 years and 70k miles.

If you're going to buy a beater, be extreme and turn a wrench!

On the other hand, I think the Cruze is an incredibly nice car. Great safety, pretty good mpg, quiet and pretty big for a one person commuter. I would not recommend a cheap car to someone who can not do their own repairs.
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