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Originally Posted by Fat Charlie View Post
Why don't you drive a truck?
I do. Maybe I'm biased because I live in farm country and trucks get used around here. We noticed long ago when visiting family in bigger population areas (Kalamazoo, Chicago) that the truck/car ratio is far smaller, and many trucks there are more Denali than truck (look-at-me status symbol, as you elude to). But here a truck is a truck, something you quite often need. Mine hauls and plows regularly. Had a fun time this morning busting out a drive this morning that's been unopened all winter. Oh, and it's 2wd. That extra 1100 lbs in the bed helps. I'd like a few hundred more (had 2400 lbs in it, 275 gal water tote, but visibility sucked, and it took up all usable bed space).

Originally Posted by kir_kenix View Post
Would love to see another 750-1000lb gvw added to the current crop of 250/2500-350/3500 series trucks. That would mean many of us could avoid getting into a true medium duty 450/4500+ truck that are much, much more expensive (even in the used market).
No doubt. I was impressed that my truck (92 C2500) touted something like 3,320 lb payload capacity. With all the weight they kept adding on trucks it took quite a while for 3/4 tons to get back to that level again (which they did by increasing GVWR, not reducing curb weight). I know at one point a few years back you could option out an F150 to weigh so much that payload (including passengers) was only around 900 lbs!
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