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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
I'm so glad it arrived!
Me too!

I included some things for interfacing to the outside world. I wasn't sure how you wanted to do that part.
That's the 4 cable glands and the 4 x 6 terminal strips, right?

Also my thinking on the current sensors was, if the 3 phase lines were mated to a yet to exist end plate, it wouldn't matter that the 3 current sensors were not bolted down (they could just be around the cable)
Good idea! I'll see if I can cobble together something for that end-plate.

.. If I use 1 end plate on the inside, then the current sensors go around the cables, then another end plate on the outside, the current sensors should not rattle around. Maybe I can use some packing foam to keep the each of the current sensors centered around the cable. It may not be more accurate, but it should be more consistent. ...
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