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There is a way to make an adapter to run it on 120 also when appropriate, this mod is only good for 4 prong 240 fyi (basically move one transformer lead to neutral so it still sees 120v). You could take your chances tying it to ground, but the author strongly discourages that, but if I had a 3 prong 240 without update access i would be strongly tempted.

Also there is a video of someone somewhere using two extension chords on two outlets that are on different 120v legs to get 240. So if you are in an apartment or renting you might have 240 access and not know it. And can cobble together a 4 prong 240 outlet where it is convenient.

Check that your charger can handle both 120 and 240 of course.

And careful with the varistor selection (see comments), they probably aren't critical to the function, but might save you $200 if you get a surge.

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