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An air conditioned go kart isn't in need of crosswind force amelioration.

My pickup truck and travel trailer have a combined length of sixty five feet. The trailer is nine feet tall. Its a helluva exit at the tail. And each trailer side is over three hundred square feet. Quite a distance for wind loads to increase.

There are no easy ways to change the aero. I might someday work a dam and skirts along the front and down the sides to the axles. But can't past that.

I'm not willing to damage re-sale value either. The ideas surrounding a nose cone or rear appendages involve or would involve changes that include holes in the aluminum. I'm open, but not really willing.

As I wrote above, if the devices lessened crosswind problems -- an indirect FE benefit -- I'd consider the money well spent.

The loads against the tires are what matter.

There are too many reports that to me as a truck driver I have read or heard that the airflow down the trailer is improved by Aerotabs. Some more on this system. That the tail of the trailer is better at staying put. Those rigs are only a maximum of eight feet longer than mine. The rig I drive for work is shorter than my private vehicle.

Besides, unless shown otherwise I have some faith in TTI as a prestigious institution. Americas leader in transportation studies.

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