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When I learned to drive a school bus, they always emphasized situational awareness (once I joined the Army, I forgot civilian terms), because if we needed to slam on our brakes, we very well might not be able to stop in time. We had a driver suspended because a woman cut him off and slammed on her brakes. He could not stop in time. There were times that a light turned yellow and I left a skid mark going through the intersection. The big trucks that I drove did not have good stopping distance, either.

They always said that school buses are safer without seatbelts, but if the students are properly seated, they will be bouncing off a padded seatback, instead of flying into the steering wheel and windshield. However, accidents involving school buses are not limited to hitting something at the 12 o'clock, or something hitting our six; if something side-swipped us, the passenger would be bouncing off of each other and the opposite side. With the high center of gravity, there were many more possibilities to contemplate.

My district only had "transit-style" buses, where the engine was next to the driver--nice and warm, whether you want it or not. Loud, too. I always thought that I might like a nice and large engine compartment between myself and an equal and opposite force instead of, in my case, a metal dashboard.
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