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I'm guessing the N146 quantity valve signal would be a lot easier to read than the variable inductor on the position sensor. If you hooked up the former to an mpguino today you should get a signal similiar to injector duty cycle. Though I think an RPM signal will need to be added to make complete sense out of the quantity signal or sender. Like maybe on t28 (on the schematic) use pin 10 for the rpm signal, and pin 27 for the vehicle speed signal.

If adding a signal, I'd suggest analog 1 for the engine speed, and the usual 100k resistor with a 5.1 zener for now. And the PWM for quantity just like the injector signal (through digital pins 2 and 3), and leave vehicle speed on analog 0. Then everytime you get a rpm signal, look at the current quantity signal and figure out how much fuel just was squirted in.


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