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Originally Posted by stovie View Post
The reason I'm going with this setup is because I've always believed that cars are running way to rich! I've thought for the last 5-10 years that if the fuel requires 14.7-1 a/f ratio at atmospheric pressure then it souls only need about 147-1 at a 10-1 compression ratio do to the reduction in the fuel molecules distance apart. At 10-1 compression ratio and 147-1 a/f ratio the fuel molecules are about as close as they would be at atmospheric pressure. I was able to mess around with my scooter yesterday for about 4-5 hours on 2 ounces of Coleman camping fuel, not sure of its fuel economy yet because I had no way to control it will on it.
Piston engine aircraft are able to adjust the fuel ratio. Best economy is around 16-17:1, if I remember correctly...and at an airspeed not to far above stall. I know a fella on another forum who had a tuner to adjust his Hemi's A/F ratio, and he pushed it to about that point and was getting another 2mpg.

Autospeed article on A/F ratios: AutoSpeed - Tuning Air/Fuel Ratios

Yes, we run 14.7:1 'cuz it's the chemically ideal mixture. True, some sort of by-products go out the pipe at other ratios. From the chart, it looks like running 17:1 (if able) would be about the same amounts as at 14.7:1, as the NOx is on the other side of the peak.

There is a gizmo from Zeitronix that allows mixture adjustment. They recommend you use a wide-band O2 meter with it. (Found it) Zeitronix Zt-3 : Wideband Controller and Datalogging System
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