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I'm bringing this thread back from the dead to ask if you guys leave your SuperMID on all the time.
It's been years since i posted a similar question, but i think last time i asked, i was wondering about battery drain.
I barely ever drive the car, but still i think the consensus was that it should be fine to leave on.
I have mine hooked directly to the cars battery.

Todays question deals with theft. Since the SuperMID is on all the time, it's like a glowing beacon for someone to take it - thinking it is a horsepower or turbo gauge .

I might add a toggle switch to turn it off, but dont want the trip data to reset each time.

My odometer and miles trip guage quit on me, but oddly enough the speedo works around 95 % of the time.
I have had issues with the VSS in the past, so i removed the SuperMID .

So what kind of a setup do you guys use ? Is your on constantly ?


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