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It boggles the mind how that things we perceive as 'aero' can be bricks, and bricks, such as this car are more streamlined than anything currently in production ( except the XL-1. )

Also of note is the fact that the scoop ( yup - the one in the picture ) did NOTHING to the drag of the car. It was the same Cd with a flat hood !
Look at the wheels sticking out in the breeze - the rear wheels. When Eaker tested the factory deflectors ( spats ), they did NOTHING to the drag, but increased downforce.

At the time of the test, the car did not have a belly pan. Look at all the junk hanging down under there !
( The car was later fitted with a pan to race in Australia, but was tunnel tested without it ! )
Look at the panel gaps on that thing. Only the front end was sealed ( its a fiberglass front end )

I have to say that now I have gained an entirely new appreciation for that body style.
Thanks for posting.
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