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[QUOTE=California98Civic;468101]I don't know, but some of what they are doing cannot be done on street cars, like radical lowering, a road scraping airdam, and that massive cowl.

I have seen plenty of cars riding low. I think there are a few of us here that have a 'road scarping ' airdam.

I think this design is just a diamond in the rough. The stock Chevy Camaro from the same year has a Cd something like .487 if IRC. and all it took to get to .201 was to plug the grille / front openings, add a ( barn door) front air dam, lower the car , remove the mirrors, add a spoiler and moon wheels and BAM ! Instant drop of over 50 % !

Do all that to the car you are driving today and I bet you wont see nearly the same Cd.

Air flows in strange ways.

and the cowl ?
The car tested the same Cd with and without the "cowl" ( did you mean scoop ?

For all you math guys out there, something I wonder about this car since that article came out is how much of an increase in MPG a car like that would have. Just for comparison sake.

If a stock 1980 Camaro with a Cd of .487 got around 20 mpg on the highway, what kind of an increase would it get if brought down to a .201 ?

What about if the car were getting 35 mpg ?
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