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how to drive my cube van

I have a 94 Ford F350 chassis with a 20' (that's big) box on it. I use it for hauling my race car to the track because I can sleep in it and the car is out of the elements.

This thing is HORRIBLE on gas. Not only is it a rolling brick (it has a bubble on the box over the cab, but still). It has a 7.3L non-turbo deisel V8 and a 3-speed transmission that shifts by RPM, not by engine load (so i can cruise at redline in city traffic for some reason). Redline in 3rd gear is about 115km/h.

I learned that I can get about 30-50% improvement by going 90 instead of 115.

How the heck else can i sqeeze mpg out of this thing? I try to only stop once at stop signs and I try to time lights. If i try to coast it slows down SO fast that it isn't worth coasting.

HELP ME! It costs me about 100 dollars in gas to go to a race track, then back to the shop.

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