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I only drive the van 3 times per year. I chose to do 3 double-headers for my required 6 events so I could save on travel costs. I understand that racing uses gas. I'm here to learn how to use LESS gas while still enjoying life. Can't drive the car there, it would recieve so many infractions if i drove it on pulic roads that the police would just shoot me to save paper.

I was thinking about undertray and side skirts, but that may be hundreds of dollars in sheet alum. Thinking about a narrowing rear (since my door is fold-down, it would attach to the door), but that would have to wait since i don't have much chance to work on the truck. As for mechanical state... its decent, but could be better. Current mileage, i'm not sure. I don't use the AC in the truck, but i'm sure it wouldn't matter with the big deisel.

Letting off the gas does not shift up. I could be going 1mph below the "shift point" for an hour and it will not shift regardless of throttle position. That does mean, however, that i don't have to worry about silly down-shifts.
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