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I believe the initial subject was mirror deletes for the prior thread. The question then becomes power for screens and cameras, data transmission from camera to screen, legality of such replacement (I never got an answer from the person I asked), and visibility/field of vision/etc.

Assuming it's legal to do so in your area/state/country, and that it works fine at night/in the rain/etc. then the next thing to worry about is the data transmission. Wireless has issues with frequency (google up data on rear view cameras and baby monitors for instance) so I would only use a wired connection.

Next is power: will the system's power consumption put enough strain on the battery to increase alternator usage and will the Cd savings of the mirror delete be enough to offset any increase? Also, it would need to be connected to main power so it still functions during EOC or other engine off times (ie, getting out of the car on a busy street).

For location I would put the cameras in the stock mirror locations for simplicity. I would also have small screens in the door corners because that's where I'm used to looking and anyone else who would end up driving my car for whatever reason wouldn't be confused.

But anywho, I haven't seen anything marketed as a sideview mirror replacement. It's likely due to questionable legality as the law is always slow to catch up with technology, but as vehicles like the Aptera become prevalent that may be cleared up.
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