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Originally Posted by iacoposk8 View Post
Hello everyone! if I have two objects in 3d format obj or stl, with which software can I know what is more aerodynamic? thank you
Some recent mechanical engineering graduate students who did CFD for their Masters Thesis have commented that only the Direct Numerical Simulation form of CFD can predict all the turbulence of a 3-D object.
Dr. Teddy Woll,of Daimler-Benz says that Mercedes-Benz is using it and it is within 1% accuracy of full-scale wind tunnel tests.
With a supercomputer,a digitized automobile requires about 48-hours run time due to the mesh size,and time steps required for this full Navier-Stokes solver.
Desktop CFD has shown errors of 13%.They DO however show definite 'trends' in performance.
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