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First Conversion

I am pretty new here, but have been lurking for awhile. I have several EV conversions, and if you are into EVs or Metros, you may have seen some of my builds on the Geo Metro Forum or the DIY Electric Car Forum. Anyway, I thought I might share The first of my conversions here...

This is a 1998 Metro that I got for cheap and restored as I converted it. I installed a 21Kwh GBS gen3 pack, Curtis 1238-7601 controller, and AC74 motor, Orion BMS, Manzanita PFC 40 Liquid cooled charger, and lots of other goodies on.

Since I did not need any air coming in through a radiator, I built a custom fiberglass front bumper that blocks air from coming in through the traditional openings, and I raised the center of it up to fill the air opening between the hood and bumper. The factory bumper leaves a big air opening there. I also extended the bumper a few inches lower to block some of the air from going under the car.

I also made the bottom of the bumper a little wider so that the lower tips would match the tires.

I added a bottom shield that attaches to my custom front bumper, and it is about 3 inches lower than the factory floor. When there is weight on wheels, the control arms tuck in above the custom shield.

Here is an under hood shot:

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