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Yes there is an ass for every seat as they say. I have sold stuff that I am ashamed of too, I'm not going to lie! But one man's trash is another man's treasure, and I am always reminded of Al Bundy talking about garage sales, "They are based on the bigger idiot theory, unfortunately at some point you reach the queen idiot" and points at Peg. My friend and I used to sell used performance parts at the largest local "Hot Rod" swap meet, we'd fill up a 26 foot enclosed car trailer with everything from tires to complete engines. And it was always the bald slicks or the dented chrome valve cover breather that should have been thrown away that sold first.

Some people see cheap and reality goes out the window. Who cares if it's beyond repair, it's 1/5th the price of a new one! I've seen people with car lots go out of business doing that. Just because you CAN buy a 2005 Buick that needs work for $500, doesn't mean you should. To this day I have never been at a dealership and heard someone walk in off the street and say "I'm looking for a mid sized, domestic, V6 powered 4 door sedan, what do you have?" That's the kind of car that gets sold after they find out they can't get financed for the Tahoe or F-150 that they came in to buy in the first place. Yet some businesses stock up on those cars anyway, because they are cheap. And then that business fails. That being said, nobody walks onto a Lexus lot with only $5k to spend, so that Metro will either get wholesaled or go to auction. Auction price on that car is about $800. So minus sellers fees and the dealer would get about $500ish. If someone walked on that lot with $1000 cash I bet they'd drive away with it. Just my 2 cents. It's a free $1000 for the dealer, he basically got it for free.
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