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Recently I purchased a Prius plug-in after finding a good deal on Craigslist. While looking into getting a level 2 EVSE, I discovered that I could upgrade my existing EVSE units to level 2 for almost no cost. Then I decided to install a 240v outlet in preparation for the upgraded EVSE units. Now that I've got the 50 amp circuit half installed, I'm starting to think it would be a shame to have all of that charging potential with a lowly PiP connected to it. Now I'm thinking I want to buy an EV and sell the Acura.

To charge 2 cars, I'd need to get both of their 70" widths into my 250" wide garage with room to ingress/egress from both vehicles.

One major occupier of garage width is the massive steps. Here are the relevant codes regarding stairs.
  • Risers shall not exceed 7 inches and the run shall not be less than 10 inches with a to 1 inch nose or an 11 inch tread.
  • Landings at exterior doorways shall not be more than 7 inches below the top of the threshold
  • Where a stairway of two or fewer risers is located on the exterior side of a door, a landing is not required for the exterior side of the door.

The threshold of the door is 23" above the garage floor. The way I'm interpreting the code is that I can have my 2 risers totaling 15", and then a 7" step up through the doorway. Is this interpretation correct?

Either way, I'd never let The Nanny State tell me how I can enter and exit my own home. I'll just build the stupid platform again if I ever sell the house.

What are your thoughts? I didn't see any codes regarding ramps instead of stairs.

I'll move my workbench to the far end of the garage since it is extra deep- if I have to.

In order to run an EV and the PiP, I'll need 2 outlets that provide 240v. I'm wondering how I can splice in another outlet from the same run I'm already installing? I assume I can put multiple outlets on the same loop since I have a 50A breaker and 6awg-4 NM-B.

Last, I'd like to cover my stained and cracked concrete garage floor with something. Any recommendations for this that won't totally break the bank? I'm thinking lighter colors to brighten up the garage. I need something that will hold up to floor jacks being dragged around.

How about this?

Or this?
G-Floor 9 ft. x 44 ft. Levant Standard Grade Slate Grey Garage Floor Cover and Protector-GF55LV944SG - The Home Depot

Any place to get this cheaper?
G-Floor 10 ft. x 24 ft. Coin Commercial Grade Slate Grey Garage Floor Cover and Protector-GF75CN1024SG - The Home Depot

That's all my questions for now. What do you do to make your garage more usable?

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