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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
My immediate reaction is, "how the would I construct it?"

100% filling the void space between trailer and car would be excellent, but I'm uncertain how to even approach that.
My initial proof of concept for an inflatable structure involved a shallow wooden box with a section of bean-bag chair envelope stapled to its perimeter.
A Bosch 12-VDC ventilation fan from a VW Westfalia Campmobile was used for inflation and tensioning.
A long pigtail ran under the vehicle to the engine compartment and alligator clips on the two leads attached to a ground strap and positive post of the battery.
With power on,the bag inflated in a few seconds,and it was stiff enough to resist deformation during driving.
Later,I fabricated a full-scale mockup of a properly shaped envelope and used it as a pattern to cut and sew the second envelope.
This second,longer (4-feet) envelope,'wagged' up and down,so I ran a cantilevered suppport under its length.No more wag.
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