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Originally Posted by Matt Herring View Post
I'm posting this for a friend of mine that owns a prius and he has a question about pulse and glide with the prius.

His question was is there any benefit to neutral coasting (vs. just coasting in drive) with a prius since he assumes fuel is not being used when the car is coasting in drive after pulsing the pedal and releasing the pedal. Because the prius switches to battery power when releasing the gas pedal is there any benefit to pulse and glide with the prius?

I'm really not up to speed on how the prius works but I told him my fellow ecomodder's would defiantly have an answer...thanks!
There is actually a benefit with neutral coasting because there is no power transfer to or from the battery. Any power transfer results in a loss due to conversion efficiency. Just remember that when in neutral, you will get no regeneration when you brake. Pop it back in drive before braking to get the regen.

For more info on P&G, see my comments at the link below: : Hybrid Synergy View : 2005 : Fall : Prius Marathoners Top 100 mpg
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