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Incredible looking trailer. I'd love to build something like that one day.
There're a number of them. Here's two from my 'Pieces and parts' album:

Actually, I'm thinking of taking ~4 sheets of coroplast per wheel with a bit of metal framing, bending them, and making a rough teardrop that just sits over the stock fenders.
I have had an idea for some time that needs to be documented (maybe the next time I'm frustrating myself with the 3D modelling programs). Three or 4 lens-shaped pieces, the top one fixed, the others hinged at the front and back. They would be shingled and retract up under the top pieces for access for tire changes, etc.

Originally Posted by BamZipPow
Any thought on an inflatable nose?
My immediate reaction is, "how the would I construct it?"

100% filling the void space between trailer and car would be excellent, but I'm uncertain how to even approach that.
Fight air pressure with air pressure. My thought is inner tubes trussed up with polyproplene rope. a big one in the middle, a pair of smaller ones to each side, and scooter tire inner tubes bracing those.
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