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Here are the relevant codes regarding stairs.
  • Risers shall not exceed 7 inches and the run shall not be less than 10 inches with a to 1 inch nose or an 11 inch tread.
  • Landings at exterior doorways shall not be more than 7 inches below the top of the threshold
  • Where a stairway of two or fewer risers is located on the exterior side of a door, a landing is not required for the exterior side of the door.

The threshold of the door is 23" above the garage floor. The way I'm interpreting the code is that I can have my 2 risers totaling 15", and then a 7" step up through the doorway. Is this interpretation correct?
IMHO, yes. Except that I wouldn't consider that an exterior door. In any case it aligns with the garage door opening, and I see it provides useful storage.
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